Carmine Rumma


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I got to work with a lot of freelancers in the past ,But I never knew a freelancer like Carmine.
I loved working with Carmine! He is very professional and knows the job!He was very informative throughout the processHe was very considerate and explains me about any problems that occurred through the process.Matthew Red
Very positive:excellent communication, skills, and professionalism. Everything was made like expected, with no stress, and full reliabilty. I will definitely hire again. Boyaka, Info Touch
Understood the requirements perfectly and produced exactly what was asked for. Carmine's professionalism was of the highest degree and he continued updating to meet my detailed design needs. Would not hesistate to use again!Fas07
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About me and what I do

My background

Here it goes..
10 years ago, when seeing websites builded with Macromedia Flash
i remained stunned.
Since then I decided to start with was not long and I realized
I had a passion for programming.

My experience has grown
over time, moving from Flash to open standards for device independence..
and now i know most programming languages and softwares on the web market.

As a Front-end Developer I have an extensive
knowledge of HTML, CSS, jQuery and Javascript. These are my preferred tools as the demand for search engine ranking always seems to outweigh the animation...

I believe there is a connection, a symmetry in things.
Mathematical knowledge I possess are the basis of all my projects, from simple logic programming for the assembly of a layout.

As a Back-end Developer, because I have a vision tending to the user interface,
I develop often background processes with
asynchronous calls;
I tend to write object-oriented code, converge to a unique solution to the problems.

Ability to write high-performance, reusable code for UI components