What I do, my skills and the latest updates

My background

Here it goes..
10 years ago, when seeing websites builded with Macromedia Flash i remained stunned. Since then I decided to start with Flash..it was not long and I realized I had a passion for programming.
My experience has grown over time, moving from Flash to open standards for device independence.. and now i know most programming languages and softwares on the web market.
As a Front-end Developer I have an extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, jQuery and Javascript. These are my preferred tools as the demand for search engine ranking always seems to outweigh the animation...
I believe there is a connection, a symmetry in things. Mathematical knowledge I possess are the basis of all my projects, from simple logic programming for the assembly of a layout.
As a Back-end Developer, because I have a vision tending to the user interface, I develop often background processes with asynchronous calls; I tend to write object-oriented code, converge to a unique solution to the problems.
Ability to write high-performance, reusable code for UI components